• Absolutely! I often find new favorites doing that.
  • Most of the time yes, but sometimes I go to a restaurant and have such a great meal there, that I want to keep ordering that same thing.
  • Sure. I'll try anything.
  • Yes, I think that is part of the fun in eating out. Especially when you are traveling. I follow the maxim "Eat local" - in France eat French food, in Japan Japanese etc.
  • Sometimes but if i know they have a good steak :)
  • Affirmative...I have never understood the point of going to a Japanese or Indian or Korean or French etc restaurant and eating what you can get in any corner diner. I have a friend who eats chicken fingers and fries...everywhere! Or a plain ordinary garden salad. I will try anything recommended by the server if I am not familiar with the fare. Found that I love many ethic foods....and I am now trying to encourage my grandchildren to eat "outside the box" and try new things. They call it Nana's food adventures!
  • Well yes, but this one time I was on a date and ordered French fries, I told my friend this, and she was appalled (lol) she was like: french fries, you dont order french fries when u on a
  • It all depends. I am not an adventurous person so I won't try anything outside of the norm but if a resturaunt has a different way of preparing chicken pork or beef that I have never tried I may take a chance.
  • I love trying new foods. I have to go with my mom or son though, my husband only likes the same old same old.
  • Depends...sometimes i like to stick to the regular stuff while sometimes if im feeling adventurous i may go for anything on the menu :)
  • Only when I'm feeling flush financially. When the bucks are tight, I'll order what I know I'll love when I go out.
  • I do. I have a favorite Indian restaurant and I go there and just randomly pick things from the menu when I get the urge.
  • Absolutely! I am an incredibly adventurous eater. I love trying to flavors and tastes and exploring new eateries. Occasionally I will order something I've tried before and liked but more often I step out. Some of the best dishes I've ever tried were ones I had not experienced in my youth and I'd hate to think of all I would have missed out on if I had stuck to the same old, same old.
  • Yes, it's one of the reasons I go out, to discover something exciting.

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