• It had better be. Elections decide the fate of the nation. It should come down to who has the nation's best interest at heart, and can lead it to prosperity. Black, female, whatever, is a side track.
  • No, we will probably have to listen or see it on the news each day for months.
  • I don't know about everyone else, but I sure am ready to stop asking! I'm also ready for the media to stop calling Obama a "movement" and raving about how Hillary's "over" one minute, and "on top" the next. You know what? SHUT UP - it'll happen anyway, and maybe you'll sound less stupid talking about the facts than speculating wildly about the future.
  • I don't think we really care what color or gender they are. We want someone intelligent enough to pronounce "nuclear" properly. We want someone who doesn't think starting sham wars constitutes leadership. We want someone who cares about the health of the citizenry, the health of the environment, the health of the economy, and the health of our relationships with other nations. Most of all, we care about someone who is interested in the health of the future -- not just for our country, but for the whole planet. I really don't care if this person is purple with green polkadots and has no genitals at all. Just get them on the job before too much more damage is done.
  • Can't answer for the U.S., but I'm ready for either one. The opposite has gotten us in waaaay too much trouble over the centuries.
  • GREAT question! I love it! And the answer is: obviously not. :( Sad i'nit?
  • I think that a much better question is, "Is the U.S. news media ready to stop asking, 'Is the U.S. ready to stop asking if it's ready for a black or female president?'" Until the U.S. media stop asking this question, these factors will continue to be major topics of discussion.
  • Better question might be is the U.S. ready for a President so liberal they will gut the military worse than it has ever been done in modern times (Bill Clinton), destroy the economy worse than it has ever been done (Jimmy Carter), and destroy the highest quality health care system in the world.
  • It might be similar to the questions on AB, everybody thinks their wording is unique, or they are so out of touch they thought of it on their own.
  • Ciao, No there not ready to stop asking because millions of Americans are not Sublime to Facts & Truth. This means they will continue to ask until this election is over. Then the World will know who we chose.
  • I think the news media are driving this perception because they live and breathe on controversy and conflict. It sells.
  • This country doesn't have a president, it has a king and he is neither black nor a woman. NOTE The question I answered asked if THIS country, etc and didn't mention the USA.
  • I think the country is. It's the world that I'm worried about; namely our enemies.
  • A President needs to have so many different qualities and characteristics to be successful in office. I think the most important of those are intelligence, good moral values, and realistic goals for the country's future, to name a few. I don't think we need to add gender and race into the requirements of being a good President. This is 2008, not 1908. So far, there have been quite a few Presidents who have made some major destructive mistakes, e.g. Nixon. And in case people haven't noticed, so far all of the presidents have been white males!! As far as our international relations goes, I don't think having a black or female president would be a problem either. There are many, many other countries who have leaders who aren't white males. We would still be the United States in their eyes.
  • There will always be people who are against change, and, I honestly believe that our first black president, and possible first woman president will be killed. That said, I think that the majority of Americans are ready, but I REALLY hope that Hilary doesn't win!!:-)
  • What exactly does that mean?
  • Were ready for anything but we are lazy these days and expect everything for nothing, how about we solve the energy problem vs making history with a minority presidency/
  • I think that the only kinds of people who still care about these things to a fault... Shouldn't be ALLOWED to vote. I mean who needs or wants the short-sided, narrow minded, prejudice consensus? It is an outdated fear based opinion that makes less sense than the reasons a child believes in Santa Claus. *Because they were taught and told a lie that seemed to make sense at the time but eventually becomes outdated and useless, but yet still gets handed down like heirlooms KNOWING that it does more damage than it ever does good.
  • I wish...but the media needs their soap operas to fill the needs of people who have nothing better to focus on in their lives.
  • No. It gives the media something to talk about, like when Kennedy was trying to become the first Catholic president. Create a little controversy and boost ratings/circulation. Remember that for them, it's all about ratings, because ratings sell ads and that's how they make their money.
  • Absolutely NO. Look at Obama. We have no idea where he was born. There are no hospital or birth records in Hawaii. He has no idea how many states are in the US. Women; Yes, They were always as ready as the men.
  • I hope so, the US is still a young state that prides on being modern and much older states have women presidents and black ones as well. It is time.

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