• Signs universal, I believe.
  • signs are pretty universal a dead giveaway is mimiced behavior if you do something like raise your hand to your mouth and within a few seconds the woman you are talking to does the same or if you lift your glass and she does right after nearly everytime, that usually means she likes you, she is subconciously trying to give you the message that you are both similar and shes comfortable in your presence. then there is things like body posture if her legs are crossed and the leg on top is pointing to you that often means she likes you. not always though as it could just be coincedence. then there the most common of all the hair playing and giggling but thats not really something anyone could miss. also is she looking at you whilst your talking, is she touching you while shes talking? and then there are micro-expressions but they are very difficult to notice unless you really know what your looking for. there are millions of signs that can tell you if a guirl likes you i just cant remember many of them, iv been married now for 5 years so i dont remember all the little tricks from my bachelor days.
  • When you start a conversation does she: A) Step towards you with eyes wide (like a 12 year old boy staring at a porno mag) B) Keep her hands towards her chest like a poker player hiding their cards from your prying little eyes? OR! C) Engage easilly in conversation and treat you like her bud? _________________ SEE BELOW FOR WHAT THESE MEAN!!!! :O _________________ A) MEANS! She really likes you ;) but easy tiger... dont jump in straight away... play it cool, play hard to get (ya know, your really dumb at picking up signs that she likes you type personality)... stay nice and perhaps a little flirty, but dont jump on her as soon as she says or does anything that might mean she likes you... Wait for a heart felt "I love you!" Before finally letting your true feelings come out. B) MEANS! Sorry mate, but at the moment she doesnt like you. Girls tend to show their wrists to boys they like, as if to say, "Im yours if ya want me!" But with the hands tucked in, and the wrists hidden, shes doesnt want you at the moment. But you can change this. Try flirting a little less, perhaps your too flirty.... or perhaps try giving up... sorry but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and she can't be the one for you, if she doesn't love you back. One day you'll find someone who will, so chin up! cheerfulness is always attractive.... and fun! C) MEANS!!! This is the worst one of all. It means she sees you as a friend, and if you value her at all, you'd be best backing off and staying friends with her. Although sometimes girls can change their mind about these kinda things. The very best advice I could give, would be CONFIDENCE! Don't be a low self-esteem scum bag! (or a high self-esteem prick!) your great because of who you are! maybe your not the best person in the world... but is anyone the best person in the world?! No!... except maybe me :P Hope this helped! If it did and you need anymore advice, try emailing me at
  • A guy knows when I like him because I tell him. I don't beat about the bush.
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