• doctor?
  • Everything. We didn't come in until DAD yelled.
  • In my elementary school, Four Square was huge.
  • I was born in '63 and as a kid we played kick ball a lot...same rules as baseball but the pitcher would roll (or bowl) a ball at the 'batter' who would kick it instead of batting.
  • 1977. hockey (i'm in canada) baseball i used to play a homemade version of both of them against my garage door if there was no one to play with.
  • Soccer,and building tree houses about 25 feet high.Fishing,and camping.
  • My activities involved playing outside. We lived in a heavily wooded area so i spent alot of time in the woods observing and collecting various forms of wildlife.
  • i don't know about the 50's and 60's b/i know the seventies we played all day. kick ball, jacks, basketball, played in tire tubes, jumping, hop-scotch, everything all day! that was the good days
  • Born in the 70's We played cops and robbers and we played kickball and basketball and rode our bikes EVERYWHERE. We played "Fonzie" which was our version of "Happy Days" with bikes for motorcycles. We climed alot of trees and trekked through woods and we lived in an area with big rolling hills, so we spent plenty of time "rolling" down the hills. We picked buckeyes and weeds we thought were flowers. We skipped alot of rope. Later, when I was maybe 10 or 12, we played "P.I." so we could climb on the roof and peek in our own windows and hide around corners of buildings.
  • I rode my skateboard to the park to play baseball - I was on a swim & dive team in school and I played softball every year until I was too old (16)
  • Duck duck goose and hide and go get it!
  • I was born in 1971. Tag, hide and sneak, any sort of sports, bike riding.
  • Hide and seek, tag, bike riding, marbles, you name it. We were always outside after school until dinner or it got dark. I was born in the mid-late seventies.
  • Born in '68 Wow! Like everyone else we were always outside. I lived in a small town in Kansas. We road bikes, climed trees, collected pop bottles to return for money so we could buy candy from the corner store, touch football, baseball, dirt claud fights. We had alot of farm fields around us, so you choose teams, go to two ends of the field and start chucking dirt clauds at each other. I only had two brothers so I grew up a tom boy. We would also go to this wooded area, climed to the top of a little tree, and the person at the bottom would start to chop it down, and you would ride to the tree to the ground. We always know just by how dark it was when to go home. Iam suprised how we even lived through it all, but I would sure like to do it again, it was great.
  • Can I play please? I was born in the 1940s and the sports we played were football (you might call it soccer), rugby and cricket. We also played outside all day long and disappeared into the countryside and woods for hours on end.
  • It depended on the season. Baseball, stickball and basketball in the spring. Baseball and swimming in the summer. Football in the autumn. Ice hockey in the winter if the pond was frozen.
  • We played outside most of the time, and since I was in California, we had plenty of good weather. I was into horses so I was either pretending I was a horse, playing with horse statues or riding horses all over the hills. I played with my cats and dogs and chickens. I went swimming in the summertime.
  • kick the can and exploring woods / building treehouses and forts. Also enjoyed throwing a frisbee with my Dad - still one of my fondest memories.
  • While I was living in Florida in the 60's and 70's, I spent 75% of my awake time either fishing somewhere, or poking around in the woods for reptiles.
  • Croquet, we played it in our yard and my Grandma's yard
  • I grew up in the 60's. We played hide 'n seek, kickball, softball, went swimming, rollerskating and bicyling. In the winter, we went ice skating and sledding! We were outside most of the time when not in school.

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