• I doubt you need the internet..Just defrag your computor......The different colored blocks should be enough.
  • i dont think that would be very good, i think and infant would do better outside without a screen infront of it's face. play with some toys or somthing!
  • the nickeloden website? or nickeloden jr
  • My grandson loves it. He can hit the keyboard and see shapes, sounds, and one will say the alphabet letter he has hit. Look for the games that say either clang or bang. You might want to activate your safety keyboard program, which disables the off key, control key, function keys, etc.
  • "With"? Babies at that age have not developed their sight or brain well enough to be entertained by computers. Stimulate your baby by other activities, playing, talking , etc. Here's an interesting article:
  • I'm not looking for something to take hours a day doing, just something that will be interesting for her to look at for a couple minutes. Babies that young can definitely differentiate between shapes and colors as well as pay attention to movement. You should see her watching the TV. She can definitely see it.
  • He sees Daddy on the screen.
  • I'm sorry but as a mother of three I belive the only thing a two month old is interested in is eating sleeping and pooping, and introducing the two month old to the computer so soon is not benifical. Some studies show that too much computer for adults can be harmful. I belive this is factuall because after an hour on my laptop my computer will pop-up a suggestion for me to take a break. So just wait a little longer and enjoy your one on one with baby.

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