• There are free clinics. It has to be done before you make 12 weeks. Earlier the better
  • call your local planned parenthood to discuss your options. you can find them in the phone book.
  • These things vary state by state, country by country, but there is likely available resources for an underage girl to get an abortion where you live. attempt to contact a planned parenthood clinic, if you can not find one, call a crisis centre ans ask them to direct you to one.
  • 12 weeks or less, in most states i don't know about the free abortions. if you get on Medicaid, EVERYTHING that has to do with pregnancy is covered.... I had an unfortunate miscarriage and Medicaid paid for the D&C (basic abortion) AND the IUD afterward (permanent birth control implanted in your uterus for up to 10 years, some only last 5 yrs)
  • The earlier the better, Don't fip out if you don't know for sure yet. How many periods have you missed? You might be so uptight that you have caused it to be late or even skip a month. So let me know. K? :)
  • 3 months
  • If your in Canada, your abortion is free no mater what age you are. im going through one at the moment and i'll i did was go to the local health clinic and talk to a women there and she set up an appointment for me. some clinics will do it only up to 12 weeks (usually smaller clinics) after that a lager clinic may due it up to 22 weeks but if you wait that long, you will have to go through much more pain and they will have to diolate your cervices. if you really are set one getting one done do it as soon possibles so it wont be as painful and you wont get attached to the baby. good luck with your decision.
  • Where I live we don't really have a place that does that, so they fly you to the biggest city to have it done. All for free, flying and everything. It's completely confidential, but if you're underaged, you have to have someone over 18 (or maybe 21 i can't remember) go with you that ISN'T the kids father. You have to be under 12 weeks to get one though. I had to go through all this with a friend last year, so I know from her experience. They also gave her free birth control afterwards.
  • Suggest you call Planned Parenthood and discuss your options. Usually you have up to 10 weeks.

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