• You can easily have your water tested - or pick up a kit - for hardness. "Hardness" is just an excess of certain minerals dissolved into the water. If you are really concerned about it, note that all of your tap water is of the same hardness, unless you use a tap water filter. These minerals are generally harmless. Still, get your water tested to be 100% sure. Congratulations and good luck!
  • For the most part, posts come off and hard water takes a little doing to remove. Neither are harmful.
  • there is a new product out that actually filters the water going into your dishwasher. it is really affordable and the dishes come out perfect. it filters calcium and magnesium(which causes the spots) and also rust and sediments. you can get it at use code DFMTEN and you will also get 10 % off. hope this helps.
  • Theres a few things that can do that .its mostly from the water quality in town(las Vegas) I fix them all the time .We know how to clean them .Call me (Keith or Tony) @ 366-1861----All home appliance service.Las vegas
  • If the spots on the plates and dishes are hard water spots they are definetly not a health hazard - they cause no problems at all. Even if there is a small amount of detergent on the plates, this is probably not a problem either - however it may be a good idea to increase the rinse cycle of the dishwasher, or wipe them yourself before you use them again. A good way to stop hard water spots forming is by adding a cup of white vinegar to the dishwasher cycle. This will dissolve the hard water minerals that may be in your water supply (it sounds like you live in a hard water area) and may stop the spots from forming on your dishes and plates again. Source: Patrick Henry BEng (Hons), is a recognised industry expert in removing hard water stains. With an honours degree in Chemical Engineering, he teaches people how to remove stubborn hard water stains and limescale using a step by step guide at And while your there, don't forget to subscribe to his FREE special report.

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