• Nobody knows until they measure it. There is no rule, and dozens of different things can effect it. Do you have a specific make and model in mind?
  • Hello anonymous. This question cannot be answered as it stands. 6.0 is the displacement. Displacement is bore area times stroke length. (this is 366 cubic inches, btw) The differences in intake, exhaust, cam, timing etc... can range up and down hundreds of horsepower. What is your 6.0 in?
  • The 6.0-liter V-8 is rated at 325 hp and 560 pounds-feet of torque. Ford.
  • The BMW M5 Estate and the AMG Mercedes Estate on Top Gear at Manchster airport - both with 6 litre engines were 500 brake horse power and 507 bhp respectively. A 360 cubic inch aero engine (ie driving a propeller)is between 180 and 225 hp - question is what is the difference between bhp and hp? Helicopters have shaft horse power Tech answer wikipedia but bhp means nothing without relating to weight and friction - ie a 1 tonne car with a 100 bhp will go much better than a 1 tonne car with a 50hp engine
  • Somewhere between about 75 for a poorly tuned one to hrmmmm 2000+ for a nitro-methane burning 60+psi boosted titanium valve train monster.
  • What is the fuel pressure for a chevy engine 6.0 in a pick up

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