• Seconds almost always - Yum Yum --- +5
  • I usuually eat more than one plate.
  • I almost never finish whats on my plate, and never have seconds.
  • If it's at home, I'll usually eat about half of what's on my plate then have the rest of it later on. If it's at a restaurant or something, I'll eat as much as I can so that it doesn't go to waste ; )
  • I always leave a little bit of food left on my plate. It's more of a habit brought on from childhood then anything else. I was never aloud to leave the table until my meal was completely finished even if I couldn't eat another bite. So now as an adult I seem to always leave a little on my plate. I do the same at restaurants...
  • I never leave anything on my plate...And I always ask the hostess if I can help cleanup/wash. I am usually looked at with a shocked expression. I get asked to a lot of home dinners...(lol!)
  • It depends on how hungry I am. If I am able to finish what is on my plate then I do. If I start to feel full then I stop and either save the rest for lunch, or if it isn't enough or worth saving then I turn it into dog food. If at a restaurant I apply the same measures. I will eat first what wouldn't be good as a leftover and then take home what I could have for lunch the next day. As far as seconds go--only on special occassions like when we have family get togethers and there is more food than I can fit on my plate.
  • no seconds. i eat every grain of my food.
  • I eat everything and have seconds.
  • When I go to one of those buffet rest I always put a little bit of food on my plate then go up for seconds, thirds, and so on, this way I don't waste anything.
  • Depends if I like it that much!!!

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