• can they be more than 2 good friends is what i mean.
  • no idea at all and to be totally honest - the whole starsign thing is a load of guff - why not just go out with him and find out for youself if you are compatible with one another (this is, I assure you, much, much more fun than comparing astrological charts and worrying about it to the point that you never get as far as a date).....go on - what have you to lose? This is exciting is it not? Just say yes and then come back and tell us all what you think of him as a person and whether or not 2 dates are on the adventurous.
  • As far as I know, signs next to each other in the Zodiac (like Leo and Virgo, for example) clash. Going by all the Leos and Virgos I know, they are not at all alike.

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