• made me appreciate real food
  • McDonalds has supported charity to help the need.
  • When I was 16 and employed there, it gave me a paycheck.
  • I learned not to eat there under any circumstances.
  • Keeps some local hooligans employed and off the streets.
  • My kitchen stays clean.
  • It benefits people who make their living working there.
  • Benefits of Going to Micky D's 1. Fun feeding fries to pigeons. 2. Drink their good coffee and sit around and shoot the breeze with the old timers. 3. Senior's discount on coffee prices. 4. Better than opening up a can of soup at home for lunch. 5. The waitresses like to flirt. 6. You can stay there as long as you want; nobody ever tells you to go home.
  • McDonald's does indeed give back to the community. Sorry for the c/p, but they say it best: "Support for Ronald McDonald House Charities and Other Children's Programs We focus our philanthropic efforts on supporting charities that address the needs of children, especially Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and its local Chapters around the world. World Children's Day is one of the major ways we support RMHC and other children's causes. During this annual event, our local business units, owner/operators, and suppliers around the world coordinate to host simultaneous fundraisers in our restaurants. In 2006, with the help of our customers, the System raised more than $25 million. Since the events began, in 2002, they have raised a total of more than $100 million. Ongoing Local Philanthropic Efforts Day in, day out, McDonald's local business units give back to their communities in a wide variety of ways. Our owner/operators participate in these programs and sometimes create or sponsor programs of their own. Efforts tend to reflect priorities for our brand and our customers' expectations—children's health and education, youth sports and amateur athletics. For 16 years, McDonald's Brazil has sponsored an annual country-wide fundraiser—McHappy Day—to help provide care and treatment for children and adolescents with cancer. The program has raised more than $27.5 million (USD) to assist more than 100 organizations allied with RMHC Brazil. It has become not only the country's largest fundraiser for pediatric cancer, but a major channel for informing the public about the disease. Support for Disaster Relief When our communities need help, McDonald's is there. Working with disaster relief organizations, our owner/operators, company-operated restaurants, and suppliers provide food and other support to disaster victims, rescue workers, and others engaged in disaster-related efforts. In 2004 and again in 2005, large-scale natural disasters called forth responses from our owner/operators, suppliers, and corporate personnel around the world. After Hurricane Katrina, McDonald's restaurants across the U.S. initiated fundraising and other support activities. Our employees also gave generously—of their funds, their time, and themselves. The corporation committed $5 million to Katrina relief efforts, including funds to match those donated by our employees and customers. Within hours after the tsunami in Southeast Asia, our restaurants in affected areas reopened to begin providing food, water, and other assistance to victims and relief workers. Our local business units, owner/operators, and suppliers initiated diverse programs to raise funds for the cause. Together with generous contributions from RMHC and local RMHC Chapters, these efforts raised approximately $3.3 million (USD) within the first month after the disaster."
  • Yes it's benefited thousands of families with terminally ill chidren through Ronald McDonald house charities by providing a home away from home at no cost to the families of sick kids.
  • They provide quick meals for some people. Not everyone going int there overeats. And they have the Ronald MacDonald houses. They are often the early employment for young people with goo work experience.
  • It taught me what food shouldn't taste like.
  • Well it can help the extremely poor since their prices are low.
  • Happy memorable childhood times for me and lots of other kids I suppose..
  •,2933,295063,00.html they hire people capable of doing crazy things. i found a photo of the nut, she was being charged with assault
  • Instant gratification.
  • They have made a few franchise operators wealthy. They give fairly good training to the employees, which leads to a good understanding of business. They make dining out fun for kids. And of course, as mentioned, the Ronald McDonald House helps many.
  • Lets not overlook the young people that learn a good work ethic through employment at McDonald's. They also provide scholarships for colleges in many locations for college bound employees. McDonald's does it share of good deeds.
  • YES. I loved getting toys and playing in the play place and getting kids meals when I was younger. It was great for family time! McDonald's played a huge part in my childhood and the memories happen to be just great. :)
  • Some McDonalds are located in small towns or in poor sections of large cities where job opportunities may be very limited for people who are poorly educated. For them working at a McDonalds will be better than not working at all.

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