• In my opinion its how much will power you got to resist the temptation to over use those types of drugs. Like I said its just my opinion.
  • It's very easy to become addicted to any type of pain killer that is narcotic based. If you are on something like Vicodin, Demerol, or Dilaudid and are concerned with addiction, see your doctor for something thats non-narcotic like Toridol. Also, keep in mind that excessive use can result in permanent damage to the body. Long term Vicoden use will lead to kidney failure, and Dilaudid can cause respitory infection.
  • Depends on dosage. Good guess is about 5 days but it will vary from person to person. Oxicontin is more addictive than hydocodone which is more addictive than codiene.
  • It's easy to get addicted. And yes you could get a dicted. Your best bet is to never take more than prescribed and if you become addicted talk to your doctor about it

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