• no, they are evolved wolves.
  • Didn't you just ask this question?
  • Dogs and wolves are related yes. I don't know about the retarded part. They seem pretty smart pets to me.
  • No they are related but certainly not retarded .A domesticated form.
  • Does this mean we are retarded monkeys?
  • reply to -retarded wolf answer----are we retarded monkeys?---average joe bloggs naked in an alien jungle environment amongst monkeys would certainly be inferior and be retarded with respect to the monkeys and less fit to survive than his monkey counter parts.
  • dogs would not survive in a wolf environment because of their juvenility and lack of agression which confers upon them a weakness amongst wolves.But these very same weaknesses are seen as as strengths in a human environment ideal for creation of a symbiotic relationship with man. they become in a convoluted sense, evolutionary superior to wolves, in a civilised environs.---evidence--farmers have dogs---farmers in yellowstone have all but wiped out the wolf population of yellowsone park.So who is the top dog now?
  • Dogs are a completely different species - with their own number of sets of chromosomes and everything. They can't even cross breed with dogs. Dogs are of the K-9 species.
  • Wolf Hybrid Dog Breed Information Profile Click Here to Find Wolf Dog Breeders Click Here to List Your Kennel About the Wolf Hybrid Dog: If you are hearing the call of the wild, the answer may be a Wolf Dog! There are a number of sub-species of wolves which are selectively bred with other dog breeds as pets, including Arctic Tundra Wolves, Alaskan Interior Wolves, British Columbian Timber Wolves, and Eastern Timber Wolves. Wolf Hybrid Dogs are beautiful animals that possess an extremely high level of intelligence. With the right care, training and environment, wolves make loyal, loving pets who are very devoted to their human families. To make a compatible friend, Wolf Dogs must be taken early and hand raised by their new owner. Wolf babies grow much faster than dog puppies, but mentally they mature slow, not reaching full maturity until around three years of age. Wolf Hybrid dogs need to be fed a soy-free dog food, as they cannot properly digest soy. Wolf Dogs are very smart. Their brains are documented as being 20% larger than a dogs' brain. They are highly intelligent and learn very fast. Wolf Hybrid Dogs are very strong animals with high endurance levels. Wolf Do
  • No. Dogs evolved from wolves. They are easiear to train. They are domesticated.
  • No, dogs are domesticated and wolves are a wild animal. They each have appropriate intelligence for their job. Border collies are hardly retarded but one of the smartest animals.
  • no dogs are not retarded wolves,they are not less intelligent than wolves, just good at different things. dogs can't hunt and kill their own dinner, wolves won't fetch sticks. whoever said dogs are a completely different speicies is wrong, dogs and wolves can interbreed, this is one of the reasons ethiopian wolves are becoming extinct. as for the retarded monkey thing, yes joe bloggs would be inferior to the other monkeys at first, but he would learn how to survive quickly, therefore he can't be retarded.
  • No...dogs are not retarded anything.
  • Dogs are very intelligent animals and we are lucky to have them!!!!
  • That's is a funny question LoL...
  • Such a retarded question only indicates and further reinforces your own retardness. If you had even undertaken basic research (research which would be possible by a non-retarded person), you would have easily discovered that many experts, including Dr Stanley Coren (the world's leading expert on dog psychology), have clearly indicated via many years of specialised testing and research that dogs have superior social cognitive skills as compared to wolves. However, given you're a retard, terms such as superior social cognitive skills would mean very little to you.
  • Dogs evolved from wolves. With recent controlled research on the subject of differences between them, the most marked behavior difference is that wolves will attempt to solve a problem by themselves, whereas a dog will quickly give up and look to the human to solve it.
  • no fool,wolves are retarded dogs everyone knows
  • like humans are retarded monkeys.
  • No, dogs are much more evolved than wolves. They figured out that they can have a much easier life by adapting to humans, and now rely on humans to provide what they want. Studies with wolves and dogs raised in the same situation show the wolf will refuse to rely on the human for what they want. They don't seem to get the connection that the person could provide it for them.
  • My dog is very retarded, I dont know about the whole wolf thing.
  • dogs are domesticated wolves
  • Your question will offend dog lovers everywhere!
  • No. While dogs have been conditioned by men through centuries to submit and therefore survive on a sorta compromising scheme, they're far from retarded, and plenty of dogs display surprising traits of intelligence other than the recognition of submission. People might laugh, but Poodles are extremely intelligent, as are Coleys. Other dogs, like Doberman seem a bit less so, but that's due to a problem with the brain outgrowing its skull space as the dog gets older... A wolf on the other hand is a savage animal, and really can't be tamed just like that. Sure people have because you can force it to bend to your will, but it only does so because it has no choice. It won't learn much more than outside of what its instinct displays, and won't learn to be emotionally attached to you. A wolf will never come running to you with its tail wagging, and as soon as you slip up or make a mistake, it's gonna run off, or even attack you. :/ I'm sure there have been plenty of cases where a wolf showed signs of extreme intelligence, although I'm guessing those are natural parts of their instinct that we're not used to since they're wild animals.
  • No!... Congressmen are.

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