• No! No no no. Some classes just have to be taught in the classroom ... most of the classes offered in high school are such classes. Along with the material, high school students also still need to work on their social skills. IN the classroom! =)
  • I think they're a great idea if you can handle them. If you're interested in graduating early ( if that is a possibility at your school) they're good. You can squeeze extra credits in or maybe you just like to learn new things. Most of them cost money and for people like me, outside courses aren't usually an option because i need someone to teach me firsthand. good luck!!
  • WHAT? arent kids going to school anymore? lol. I guess for making up classes during the night so they dont have to take summer school would be okay but not just for getting out early
  • There are two main components of high school: academic education and social education. While I don't think it's impossible to be educated socially online, I think it's MUCH harder. I would never want to attend an online high school.
  • Not every class can be put online, but I completely disagree with it. part of high school is the daily attendance the attention to the schedule that only "real" classes offer.
  • I know it bucks the trend but in general I don't think much of online courses. The possible exception being something like defensive driving or a professional ethics update. I have a post-graduate degree and several professional certifications. I've always found the face-to-face interaction between peers to be as much of the educational process as the "book learning" obtained. Logically the socialization process would be even more important at the high school level.
  • I think it is a good, and bad, idea. It is good because it offers an option for students that cannot get to school (illness, caring for children, having a full-time job, safety issues). But for other students that can make it to school, it takes away from their school experience. They won't be able to have the interaction with people their age.
  • I took 4 classes online while in a regular public school and let me tell you I didn't learn much at all! 3 of the 4 were my required history courses and I know almost nothing about history now but I got the credits I needed and the classes were very easy. A lot of the work wasn't designed to gain the knowledge but to do things, most of what I did was busy work and so I didn't really like the courses.

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