• Not 100% sure but I've always heard shredded mini wheats & vanilla is good & chicken livers
  • Frogs or worms, keeping them on the surface, hooked through the back so that they stay alive for awhile as if normal. Fly lures are usually pretty good.
  • Split tailed grub worm with a spinner blade.
  • I use the rubber worms with some stinky bait sometimes. THe rubber worms are easier to fool around with for beginners or kids in my opinion, but I am more of a salt water or trout fisherman, not the bass expert.
  • I like night time was a jitterbug. Large and muskie size. Frog color a dusk and black later on.
  • Before casting, the less the bait just below the tip of the stem. This allows momentum. If possible, try to land your bait on the water with as little noise as possible. Cast just beyond the target. When casting remember to use your wrist. In fact, there are two types of artificial baits used for largemouth bass fishing bait hard and soft plastic bait. The types of soft plastic baits include plastic tubes bait worms, larvae and soft jerk bait. The types of hard baits, which are used are crank baits, swimming spoons, spinner baits, shaking spoons, lures and vibrant pieces.
  • chub fish. or big minnos
  • That is way to open ended. It would depend on where you live, when you were fishing, ie..time of year, time of day, etc.. it would depend on if you were targeting smaller fish or just after a trophy. Too many factors left open. But as a general response i would say the best all around lure would be a spinnerbait. I can show you videos and give more detailed answers at my website at

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