• Sad to say I've never been to either, but I think I'd like Los Angeles. (From what I see anyway!)
  • They are both big cities, I don't see why either one is bad nor good. =]
  • By stay do you mean move to and live in? They're both mostly warm weather, huge cities, with ocean beaches. LA has more Mexican history and flavor, and Miami more of a Cuban/Puerto Rican flavor. I don't think you should stay anywhere except where you want, but if you're considering between those two places it's easy to find information about them and add the pros and subtract the cons of each.
  • probly los angles. its beautiful and cool. it has sweet waves. or ask God about it!
  • It depends on your length of stay and time of year for your stay. Both have many similarities but there are also major differences and depending on your transportation needs, your decision may rest on which is less hassle.
  • Los Angeles is a huge city compare to Miami. LA has a lot of diversity, and a lot of places you can eat, and nice beaches. Also, if you're into interracial dating, LA is the place.
  • Miami! :)

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