• That's illegal? I didn't even know. Well, I guess one reason would be that people should take responsibility for their own actions and others aren't responsible for it.
  • Parking spaces are metered because there aren't enough spaces for all the people who want them. When you put money in someone's meter, you are allowing them to overstay their welcome, and cheating the next person out of a space.
  • Yes it is but I cannot understand why it should be ,as long as they get their money why should they care. Lots of people do it and who is to say it is not your car if they did not see it parked.?
  • In Australia we have "Meter Maidens" which are chicks in gold bikinis that go around putting money in your meter to prevent fines. I am not kidding people!
  • Wow, if it is illegal someone should tell the people who started the Random Acts of Kindness books. That's one of the things they suggest is putting coins in someone's parking meter that is about ready to expire.
  • Can you quote me case law that states this is illegal? I have never heard of this and i really do not believe its a law violation. Why would anyone object and who is going to hang around just to make an arrest. not me. I would be laughed out of the court. Sounds like something Barney would do.
  • It depends on the local city ordnance. And with the right costume, even then you could get away with it... Read
  • It is illegal here in Austin. What the city will not flat-out admit is that they couldn't care less about the "discourtesy to the next guy" aspect. If you do the research on how much money cities make from parking citations, vehicle impoundments and so on, you will find that it is nothing more than a well constructed racket. Look at speeding citations. Many municipalities still practice the "quota" system. Speeding and parking citations are a multi-billion dollar racket constructed by our elected officials. THAT is why they don't want people putting money in parking meters. They lose valuable (if ill acquired) revenue.
  • In my opinion, it's illegal because the city will make more money off of the parking ticket the person will get with the expired meter than the quarter you put in the meter to help the person out.

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