• When I bought my first house. It was scarey and exciting. The loan was for 30 years and I realized I would be in my 50's by the time I paid the loan off. That what made me realize I was all grown
  • When I had my first baby.
  • In my mid-20s, the first time I called an 18 year old "kid" I went whoa.
  • I was about 18 and was driving to Atlanta from my hometown. I had my belongings packed into my car because I was moving there- two hours away. I don't know why, but I just felt like an adult for the first time. I didn't have anyone to answer to and I was master of my own domain!
  • Grown up or matured? When I started working a full time job when I was 17 years old, I felt like an adult for the first time. I'm still immature though ;-)
  • when i realized if it were not for me, all these other people would have a tougher and in some cases an impossible life... and i was 12, from that point life got a little black, but i got better!
  • My father's death was the thing that truly propelled me into being a complete 'grown up'. He was always there for me and his death forced me to become my own best support system. I can't say it felt 'good' at the time, due to the circumstances.
  • Yep. When I walked into a car dealership and bought my 1st new car. It was THE first time I bought any "big ticket" item alone, and I knew I was on my way, (to where, I didn't know, I just knew I was going, LoL)!
  • yes it was when my husband left me and my two girls,I had to be strong for my 2 children and never let them see me fail or sweat, If any plan I made didnt work I always kept a back up plan,I worked several hours and days to catch up as my x husband left us with nothing he couldnt put in the back of two trucks,It turned out bettter than I thought though,I had a much better life financially and with less drama and arguments without him,thats when I learned independence and strength is very positive in helping you grow.
  • It happened to me when my waist size increased and it took effort to curtail beer gut growth. I went from "Every day I can see I have a 6-pack" to "See? This is what I get for having a 6 pack every day."
  • LOL did I grow up? I did not realize it......

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