• Sounds cute. You should maybe carry the same shade of red purse, or accessory too. Maybe the same shade nail polish or lipstick as well.
  • Well . . . it depends on how often you want people to look at your feet. Back in the day, shoes were supposed to match the color of the hem of your dress or if one only has one pair of heels . . . make them black. We were never to wear white shoes because they made our feet look bigger than they were. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in because that's how you'll have the best time. Have fun!
  • I think this sound very sexy!! And I agree with Gina, purse, nails and lipstick to match, but silver jewelry! You will look very sophisticated!
  • Those would be super cute.
  • Yes, those would work. I like adding a splash of color to the little black dress with shoes and clutches too. A red clutch to match the shoes would be a nice touch as well.

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