• It's your dream do what ever you want!
  • I used to fly in dreams all the time, but I haven't in quite a while. It's really quite an amazing experience, it feels so real. However, when I fly in my dreams, it's not really like Superman -- I'm not horizonal, I'm still vertical as if I'm standing. What happens is, I sort of push down with my will (that's the best way I can describe it) and I lift off the ground. The higher I get off the ground the easier it is until I'm shoting way up in the sky with the earth spread out far below.
  • yeah! well, it happens in different ways, sometimes i can just leap into the air and plane for a while, other times i can flap my arms or hands and that induces flight, a long time ago i would also dream that i could just fly freely, but remember having to watch out for power cables.. heh.. weird..
  • i used to dream i could fly a lot when i was a teenager - but i havent had that dream in over 40 years :)
  • oh yes... its my dream from childhood to fly .... like a bird or superman whatever. but i want to fly in air before i die.. atleast once.... ofcourse i'm afraid of heights thats a different issue... but i can still manage it.... finally touching the clouds... and return back to earth and all i want is to fly... atleast one day :(
  • Yes, I guess you could call it flying. I will be standing and just like take a long step and it could be miles long before I take another step. But my feet are off the ground. I do go over the trees too. It's pretty awesome actually.
  • I often dream I am flying by kind of flapping my arms and swimming through the air - but it is always a bit difficult to get far above the ground and I keep dropping back. Sometimes I have dreampt I am on a great suspension bridge or something, and it is like that thing in Indiana Jones where he had to have faith in order to cross an invisible bridge across a ravine... I have to jump off, but unless I really believe I can fly I know I am going to fall. Once I was a bird, I had feathers and claws and a beak, and I was soaring far above the sea. That was amazing.

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