• Squirrels and Voles.
  • Which animals?
  • Out of all of them? Do you know how many animals there are in the world? MOST of them do not hibernate!
    • Cats & Dolphins
  • voles...? o.o
  • ?good question
  • ur rite its tricky
  • Almost all of them. Most animals do not hibernate, including geese, sharks, earthworms, monitor lizards, roaches, coyotes, and kangaroos.
  • Some idiot gave me - points for aswering this question..
  • Better question... which animals DO hibernate??? BC most dont!!!!
  • humans
  • Monkeys,Dogs,pelicans,camels,ostrices
  • It's easier to list what animals do than the ones that don't. And some that hibernate don't do it in all locales if food is easily available. Even fish and lizards may hibernate. Some mammals that hibernate are chipmunks, ground squirrels, echidnas, possums, hedgehogs, hamsters, skunks, bats, prairie dogs, marmots, badgers, and some lemurs. Bears only make the list for some scientists, since they do wake up more frequently during hibernation, and though their metabolism slows during winter, it doesn’t slow to nearly the same degree as most other hibernating animals. Further, many bears give birth during winter, requiring a degree of alertness to care for new cubs. Some scientists prefer to call this denning instead of hibernation. Bears may also fully wake during winter denning and may actually attack people. Among non-mammals, you can find species of lizards, frogs, toads, newts, snakes, turtles, and insects like bees that hibernate. One bird, the Western Poor-Will is considered a hibernating bird. Other birds, like hummingbirds, may go into a state called torpor on a daily basis. Their metabolism slows at night so they can rest and not require food to stay alive.

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