• Your ping (or more technically, latency) is directly related to the amount of traffic you have coming in and from your router. The best thing to do is minimize the amount of internet activity from your PS3, Computer, cell phones, PSP and other devices that use the internet. Then see if your speed doesn't increase somewhat.
  • Number 1- If you are using dial up, get a wired broadband connection like DSL. If you are using a wireless connection to your router, disable it and use a wired connection. This will shave off 35-150ms If you are using a 3G based cell tower router, WiMAX, or some other mobile internet technology, consider getting cable based internet. If you have DSL, switch to cable. Cable has half the ping of DSL. If you have cable and are getting high pings on a wired LAN connection, then switch to Verizon FIOS. FIOS has 1/2 to 2/3 faster ping. (EG Cable 60MS, FiOS 30-20ms) If you are on FiOS, cable, or DSL and share your connection with multiple computers in your home, then enable QoS with in both windows XP/Vista/7 and your router. Tell the router which IP gets the highest priorty to access the net. This should cut down on your ping, but only if there are two computers present on one connection.

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