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  • mmmm NO
  • No, never.
  • Nope. I don't like them that much.
  • I don't think my parents have ever smoked pot. My parents did smoke cigarettes though and my mother gave up smoking years ago. Dad still smokes. As for me, I've never smoked either pot or cigarettes.
  • I've smoked pot in front of my mother (father's dead-he'd bitch-slapped me). It was at a friend of my sister's house down on the river by the mexican border. we were just hanging out passing around the bong. Someone offered my mother a hit and she just passed. If mom (who's over 80 but sharp as a tack) got it she never said a word.
  • YEP, with my mom, my dad passed away or he would always share with me....I've quit recently but for good reasons
  • God No, my parents would have a heart attack.
  • I would but my parents try to tell me that, all though they were hippies, they only tried it and didn't like it. My mom still does it I can almost garintee it.
  • I have smoked with my mom YEARS ago. Neither of us do it anymore...but she was a hoot. Well..we were offered a hit or two from the people sitting next to us when my brother and I took her to the Floyd concert in 97(?) as a Mother's Day present. She loves Floyd.
  • Yup! My dad.
  • Yes, when i went to Amsterdam with my dad when i was 18 he called my step mom and she told him to take me to a "Cafe" and we went and it was really really weird. He doesnt smoke pot he just did for the occasion
  • ya all the time....the first time we smoked i bought a 8th of white rhno and asked if he wanted to puff puff.. he gladly accepted
  • Yeah I have a couple of times. when I was younger I used to find my parents stashes and not know what it was. Now that I too smoke, i have with them, it was awkward to break the ice but now it's fine.
  • Ha, Ha. I doubt if my dearly departed parents ever even heard of pot. I have heard of it, but never smoked it.
  • No, I never did. But, I'm a dad and I smoke with my 3 sons. Heck, they can get better pot than I can. :-)
  • I was incredulous when my dad (a career military officer) asked me for some when I was 19 & home for a school break. I gave him a choice purple bud, but neither he or I ever mentioned it again. When he died 11 years later, I found half the same bud in his effects. Guess he didn't dig it.
  • Nope :)
  • No, when my dad was smoking pot i was only 7 years old.
  • Not in this life time. They don't know...shhhh!!! Worse or better, they don't care but no I haven't to answer your question.
  • yeah all the time! well my mum anyway! my dad does but not when he around me for sum unknown reasons! but me and ma mum smoke till the sun goes down
  • No, but I have smoked with a few of my friends parents before.
  • No I have not.
  • lol this one time when i was about 15 i talked my stepdad into smoking with me. he even let me roll the joint even tho he was like 'are you sure you even know how?' lol. hes like 50 and hes been smoking since he was my age. anyways, it was pretty awesome. we were just chillin in the garage listening to some music in the dark with a blacklight on and tokin.. until my mom got out of the shower and came into the garage and smelled it. i got really nervouse and she could tell i was high and she started crying. she'd never seen me high before. i really felt bad but shit can u say buzzkill? lol
  • one time my dad offered me pot but he wasn't in the room when i smoked it. i didn't want him to see me intoxicated so i had my friend come pick me up. obviously my father and i don't have a great relationship, and i dont speak to him anymore. Yuck. I never want to see my parents in that light. I just want to assume they're perfect.
  • Yes, but they didnt burn very well, too soggy...
  • Actually my second time ever smoking was with my mom. I was still living at home at that time when my mom caught me coming home late and she looked straight into my was more than obvious what I did just minutes prior LoL She said "Oh so you think you can smoke, huh? Well lets see what you can handle if you smoke with your mother...tsk tsk think you're oh so grown up my dear" After that there isnt much I remember....she rolled, i took 2 puffs and I was out til almost the next evening. Tought me a lesson: Dont smoke with mom if your mom grew up in the sixties.
  • Nope. My parents are really "square."
  • No, but my Mom once caught a "contact high" when she accompanied me to an Elton John concert in the 70s. (Can you spell "embarrassing"?)
  • I smoked twice with my Dad. At my first wedding, I passed a joint to him, not realizing it was him standing next to me. He looked at me, smiled, looked around and took a big ol' hit! Dad has some serious arthritis. When he was 70, I visited him and saw he had his arthritis meds on the table. I packed a bowl and shared it with him. About an hour later he wanted to go take a short walk with me, he was feeling up to it. He told me later that he smoked it when it was legal, back in the 20's and 30's. He grew up just outside of Greenfield, Indiana where Eli Lilly has its research farm. They grew Cannabis Americana there for their Cannabis medicines. He and his buddies would wait for harvest time, sneak in a steal as much as they could carry! Skywolf
  • every other weekend, my mom smokies, and she smokes with me it's good family bonding
  • I have with my son after 20 years of telling him not to.
  • Haha Yea Right!!
  • naw i could see myself doign it with my dad, he used to be a big stoner, he loves floyd, and that, but i would NOT want to do it wiht my mom she would be suck a buzz kill.
  • I smoke with my dad and around my mom almost every day
  • I haven't, but I have smoked in the same room with my friend's parents and my best friend smokes with his dad.
  • i wish, my life would be so much better, if my mom smoked, especially when she PMSing lol. if only if only...
  • No, that's kind of weird.
  • Not quite. My dad tried a joint on his own when he was visiting his ex daughter-in-law but I wasn't with him then. I wish I was though. One time my mom was at my house and sat and rapped (not musically but conversationally ;)) with a friend and me while just the friend and I gained altitude. ;)
  • no, my parents don't really approve. my mom understands why I do it, sorta, but my dad's one of the most closed-minded people i know. he thinks he knows all about cannabis and can't even put up a good fight against me when we argue, and he says i'm closed-minded. fuck it, i've smoked with my little brother and little sister, and my brother and i r gonna grow our own strain when we move to colorado :)
  • Yes, with both of them.
  • That's a good joke.

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