• It means you need to shave your palms!
  • You are a wanker?
  • You might be the missing link between man and ape.
  • You've been applying too much Rogaine... easy there!
  • ur evolving to whaaa... an APE!!... lol.. am jus playing it means.. hmmm.. erm.. u find sum1 dat is attracted to hairy palms :)
  • You need to have a tree doctor come out and clean up the seed pods. they can stain the concrete badly if you let them drop. Or do you mean this?
  • Have you ever been to Tibet searching for rare night blooming plants? Were you attacked one fullmoon lit night by a barely glimpsed savage beast? Have you had long meandering conversations with old Gypsy women? Do you wake up all exhausted and wondering where you were last night? Is your head hair 'perfect?' Do you like beef chow mein? Do the names Henry Hull, Lon Chaney, Warner Oland, or Warren Zevon ring a bell? You may be a werewolf, you can verify this by shaving a palm and seeing if the lines form a pentagram on your palm. While looking at that see if your third or 'ring' finger is longer than your first or 'index' finger. If any of this is true I would like to know what exactly do you do with your shoes so that ya got um on the next morning after leaving paw prints all over all night? Can I meet your tailor? Cause he must be fast what with the clothes ripping so as to give room for the bulging muscles, not to mention the distorted body, but when ya wake up they is all like new again. OR you could check this site Actually it is a condition and not a disease and there are treatments, and it may just be a temporary glandular puberty type thing which will go away. The puberty gland thing is why the 'wanking' reference comes from. Acne has been blamed on the same thing. Cause it crops up at just about the same time that the process of self gratification is discovered.
  • ...there are some hair minimizing lotions at the pharmacy. Hope its really help.
  • I suppose it means uncomfortable masturbation...
  • Uhhh......busted!

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