• No, I think that responsibility should fall on the state. It is the entirety of society's responsibility to produce well-educated citizens.
  • In many, many cases, the Standard of Living cannot be met by individuals that do not have a college education. If it is a parent's duty to prepare their children for the real world, I think they need to fulfill their obligation by paying for higher education.
    • BRG
      OH is not for everyone.we need tradespeople too; right now these trades are begging for apprentices!!!...I never went to college but did office work for years....I was a speed typist.....big deal you say? to my bosses it was....then I went to cosmetology school but didn't like doing hair, only went to get my license to do makeup and skincare......I did this for many years, both teaching and as a field college here, and yet I always made a good living for myself, and most important, loved every minute of it.....'standard of living'? what do you mean by that? don't need college to make money!!!! and no, parents DO NOT owe their kids that!! let'em scramble and hustle and get it on their own,,,,as I did!!!! ..........too many college-educated folks without jobs!! if you wanna go to college, fine!! just don't expect the parents to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • if they can afford it. reaching the point of college clearly indicates worthiness of the the tuition.
  • No it should be means tested otherwise those that cant afford to send there children miss out and leads to elitism Bit strong I know but you know what I mean
  • yes parent should help pay for college for their children. Children should be willing to go to the college they and their parents can afford. Colleges need to ensure that what they charge for education is fair. A not for profit is a not for profit.
  • if that be the case of parents providing money for education.. then life would still continue to be about class and high status, as middle class people can offord to pay for education, but what about people in poverty?... Yet they also have the rights to learn and be educated as well... this world would be a selfish and self obsorbed place...
  • If they are financially able. If not, the government should help. The government should provide for it's citizens before it provides for illegals instead of the other way around.
  • I'm on permanent disability so it will be hard but yes, I owe my daughter college
  • I guess this isn't directly answering your question, but in response to the comments you've left i'd like to ask you if you are saying that people who cannot afford children should not have them? i'm not trying to attack you, i'm just asking.. my parents have repeatedly said, 'don't have children until you can provide for them,' so i know how they feel about the issue. i'm on the fence with the issue because i think people who are used to privilege begin to take even little things for granted. i do think that parents owe it to their children to provide them with what they need to have healthy and fulfilling lives. i come from a society where the majority of the parents can and do pay for their children to go to college, so maybe i'm not the best person to speak on the issue. but i do not think that a person should have to make the decision not to have a child simply because they can't afford to send the child to college. i do think that if a person cannot afford to feed or clothe the child, they should not bring that child into the world. the majority of the american public (i'm an american so that's all i can speak on) is not capable of sending its children to college. let me repeat that. the average american cannot afford to send his or her child or children to college. many times it is because that person did not attend college himself, but that is not always the case. now, if the only people who had children were people who could afford to send that child to an Ivy League school, we would rapidly find ourselves in a homogenized, elitist society. i know our society is already elitist, but hear me out. the poorest people in america (thus the least likely to go to college) are people of hispanic and black backgrounds. (i'm not trying to be offensive here, i'm black, first of all, and secondly i know there are poor people of all backgrounds) but statistically blacks and latinos make the least money in america. that means many or most blacks and latinos simply cannot afford to send their kids to college. is your suggestion that they simply don't have children? my understanding of your argument is that only the affluent should have children. college is expensive, do you agree with that? tuition for an ivy league school is nearing $60,000 per year. the average caucasian american family makes about $50,000 per year. the average black american family makes about $30,000. the average hispanic american family makes about $40,000. the average asian american family makes about $60,000. by these calculations, if only people who could afford to send their kids to college were to have kids, america would consist of mostly asians, some whites, a small portion of hispanics and almost no blacks.
  • If the parents are College Educated they most likely will pay for the child's Education. If the parents are not College Educated and are unable to pay, there is the Pell Grant or private scholarships. Every College offers financial advice to help you.
  • Yes, even though I didn't expect that from my parents.
  • A better question would be when will these educational institutions guarantee a minimum wage and position upon offering their credentials to those that paid dearly for them! Anything less means that their credentials are nothing more than a worthless piece of paper!
  • Everyone's situation is different. Not all parents can afford to pay for college. This just needs to be worked out on an indiviudual basis. If the parent is paying, the child needs to comply with the parents wishes and keep up their grades. If parents are not going to help at all, students should contact the financial aid office at the college they wish to attend and see what their options are.
  • i think its up to them, mine never did

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