• There is no set number. You should do as many as you can do. You only build muscles stronger by exerting them slightly more than you can comfortably do. It is those final repetitions that cause you "the burn" which cause our muscles to become stronger. You should give yourself breaks, though. Don't work out hard every single day or you won't give your body time to regenerate and heal properly. When you get your chest to the size you want you should just continue to do the amount of push ups you are doing at that time.
  • I used to do a deck of cards twice a day when I was training. It breaks up the workout and is fun with a partner too. This is how we broke it down. Face value = number of push ups per card, jack=10 queen=11 king=12 ace=15 little joker=20 big joker=25. clubs = regular push up diamonds = make a diamond under your chest with thumbs and pointer finger touching hearts = elbows touching your sides spades = extra wide It works out to 413 if you do it solo, but splitting a deck with a partner is a good way to start. The many low rep sets make it do able in under an hour and it's a hell of a work out. This will build your chest, shoulders, lats, tri's and forearms as well as helping to really define your bi's. Round it out with sets of dead hang pull ups and you got a complete weight free upper body workout.
  • 1-8-2017 To build a muscle, exercise it to exhaustion, and then let it rest for about two weeks while you work on other muscles. This requires you to learn anatomy while planning exercises and schedules for all your muscles.

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