• Heh- all dogs will do that if given the chance. Cat food (and thus cat poop) contains high levels of fat-making it tasty for dogs. Try a covered litterbox or place a baby gate that the cat can jump over but the dog cant in the doorway to keep the dog from the box.
  • I bet her breath smells great! Perhaps she thinks she is thinking Almond Roca?
  • Put some kind of cover over the litterbox that the cats can get inside but the hole is too small for the dog to stick his head in. Dogs seem to love cat poop. I had a dog that I fed very well but her favorite food was found in the litterbox! I got a Littermaid finally so she had no opportunity to eat out of the box any more.
  • Many many people have that problem. Cat poop is a delicacy in the dog world. I've not met a dog who did not love it. My best suggestion for you goes something like this...Either put the litter box somewhere that a door can be closed and install a cat door. You can also try a litter box that has a lid on it. Scoop it as often as possible, whenever you smell your dogs favorite dish.
  • Over the course of many years, I have had a few to have this annoying behavior. My vet offered a suggestion over 35 years ago that has worked every time. He said the dog lacked a particular enzyme in it's system and it could be obtained from eating buttermilk. There's no chance of overdose and no side effects. About a fourth of a cup for a small to medium size dog, once a day for about four days or until you see the dog stop craving the litter box. Worked every time, although I have only had one dog act like it tasted bad; which was ironic considering why I was giving it to him.
  • I have a sort of fence around the litterbox: the cat can get through the mazes but the dogs cant. For a while I've had the litterbox in a bench with the door on string opening only as wide as the cat is. I wouldn't put a lid on the litterbox most cats hat that.
  • Nope. I don't have that problem. I don't eat the poop out of the cat's litter box
  • no i have 2 cats and a dog, my dog eats everything but no cats poo.
  • Try the doggone litter block. It works great for me.

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