• My preference is for the quiet laugh. A poet once described "the loud laugh that speaks the empty mind", and that describes how I feel about most loud laughing. Then there's the part about calling attention to oneself through inappropriate laughing and giggling, and that is largely manipulative, which is worse. My current job has me working in an area where the joking and laughing is non-stop for the eight-and-a-half hours I'm there, and it does get annoying. A girl who is constantly blurting out her feigned amusement is simply barring conversation and causing irritation.
  • i dislike loud laughs.A quite laugh for me.i also agree with rdrainer.
  • Depends on the guy. Some guys love the girl who laughs loud and freely. Some guys prefer the quiet girl whose laugh is deeper inside. I figure you shouldn't try to be one or the other to be liked or you'll end up with a guy who isn't really going to like YOU anyway!
  • personally i dont pay attention to the laugh as much as i do to the smile. smiles are what make a girl attractive to me
  • A more quiet laugh or one with softer tones.
  • A sense of humor is always sexy. But, anyone who laughs like a jackass or the chick that was in The Nanny..... nah.
  • Forget the laugh, concentrate on the looks!
  • depends on the guy since theyre all different

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