• I have had two ganglion cysts on my left hand. It's a cyst that forms on a tendon. Maybe that is what you have. Mine were surgically removed, one in 1985 and another in 1995.
  • It seems to me you need to get in and see a doctor. I would not ignore or put off anything regarding lumps.
  • As already said, they are most likely to be ganglion cysts in the tendons from your description. They are completely benign, and can happily be left alone unless they are causing you problems (be it irritation, discomfort or cosmetic). Many will disappear of their own accord without anything done to them, some may need to be excised (surgically removed), and some can be alleviated by aspiration (sticking a needle in and sucking out the fluid that's inside) Having said all that, it's worth getting checked out, as relying on the word of people from the internet is never ideal in such cases ;)

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