• If only the shadows know, then no-one will be able to answer this - they won't know! I found a refernce to a Conway Twitty song but he refused to publish to lyrics.. so, can't help there either, sorry :(
  • The first story concerns conjurer women and their familiar spirits. A lazy farmer finds the error of his ways when he accidentally gets hold of a boar that used to be an old witch man. "Frozen Charlotte" tells of a young woman more vain about her fashionable good looks than is healthy in the dead of winter. The next story is about a young Irish immigrant woman who has to outsmart a dead thing that rides her back. It is obviously as much an import of the Emerald Isle as "Mary Calhoun" is herself. "Blood in the Root Cellar" speaks to the fear of everyone who has been young and sent down to fetch something from dark, scary places. Did she or didn't she see the growing horror in the cellar? Only the shadows know for sure! Those of us who have grown up off the beaten paths in haunted hills and hollers of rural areas know that some things roam there that cannot be explained. One such critter is "Old Walleyes," featured in the tale of one man's mad adventures in the growing dark of late fall evening. The next story is the best and most chilling in the book. "Pennywinkle" is lent spooky sadness by the voice of Judy Dockrey Young, whose plaintive call of "Pennywinkle, Pennywinkle..." may just haunt you long after the book is over. "The Vanishing Rider" is a fine and fitting end to the storytelling session, offering a light and wistful version of the Vanishing Hitchhiker tale. Not quite as scary and a wee bit sad, the book comes to a satisfying close and delivers the listener back safe into the everyday world. The unknown is only for some And only the shadows know Know your face and keep it warm One of the candles of the soul The sky is dark Lighted in glory on the ashes wind Shading the castles garden... soul of my soul Who deserve my tears? In the cry of the time Of my confused mind The eternal night Slowly blind my eyes With the flames of the truths.... In “The Allegory of the Cave,” Plato addresses one of the most controversial and recurrent themes of human existence. The allegory may become more proximal and accessible when compared to today’s pop culture, blockbuster hit, “The Matrix.” Plato’s prisoners become the people trapped inside the matrix, ignorant of the truth and content with the illusionary life around them. Eventually, one man strives to break free of the “chains” of the Matrix and to see the truth. This man, Neo, continues his search until he sees first hand that he is merely hooked up to a machine. He learns that everything in his life, every “shadow on the wall,” is not the truth but an illusion created by artificially intelligent machines. Once he has seen the light, he feels that it is his destiny to bring more people, or prisoners, to the truth and take them out of their illusionary walls. The connection, however, is not perfect. The truth that Plato speaks of is 'good' but 'bad' in the Matrix. The Kundalini Yoga of the Hindus says that the secrets of enlightenment lies in the dark shadows of unconscious mind.
  • You sure it was "Only the shadows know" & not "Only the Shadow knows" If its "Only the Shadow knows" "What evil lurks in the hearts of men, Only the Shadow knows" refers to the opening line of a 40s Radio/movie serial Called "The Shadow" GrymRpr
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      I miss all those really great radio programs. Not only the Shadow but also intersantim (spelled incorrect), Amos and Andy, Life with Lewigi, and many more.
  • The question was "what does it MEAN. Mimi came close, VSP might have. It means no one knows what happened in some situation. Either no one witnessed it or no witnesses survived. Only the shadows saw what happened. It is used more often these days regarding something that has a mysterious, sinister, and /or supernatural feel to it. " Did this guy hang himself in this dark basement or did somebody else do it to him? There are no clues either way." Sometimes it is used in a more benign way for something that happened that has a kind of magical or supernatural feel to it, even if it is a natural occurance. "How did this orange tree start growing in this well tended peach orchard?" Now all we gotta do is figure out zackly what tha pointy headed queen's teacher meant by the clue. As far as I can tell, only the shadows know.
  • It became part of popular culture because it was heard in the opening of a famous radio program of the 30s and 40s entitled, "The Shadow". Many people voiced the character of the Shadow but the most famous actor to portray the mysterious man was Orson Welles. Learn more here
  • It means that you Masturbate tooo much and that only you know what it means.
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      If only I did.....

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