• There's a whole list of meanings here: however "chow" is not listed -- I'm guessing chow is the same as chou, which means complete, or to encircle. The problem with English spellings of Chinese words is that words in Chinese are pronounced with different tones... so the same spelling would sound the same to English speakers, but have different meanings to Chinese speakers (I believe there are five different tones for Chow, each one with a different meanging). The only thing close to this in English is how tone goes up at the end of a sentence to indicate a question -- which we mark as a ? at the end of a sentence. (You can see tones described in the list as numbers after the word). Even in english "chow" could be pronounced in different ways... does chow rhyme with wow, or with flow? I don't know.
  • Chow is the Cantonese pronounciation. Because there are so many ways to pronounce Cantonese words I can't really help you. Do you have the Mandarin Pinyin of it? Or even better, the Chinese character? Or, are you talking about Chow as in Chow Yun-Fat? If so, then the Mandarin Pinyin of it would be Zhou, and I'll definitely be able to help you with that. But sorry, I know I havent really helped but if you can answer any of those questions, tell me by commenting this answer and I'll try my best to help you.
  • 8-18-2017 The Chinese never invented an airplane because two Wongs don't make a Wright.

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