• Even the best toned man looks butt ugly naked...and as for the ladies, they feel self conscious about themselves, unless they have been blessed with a body from baywatch!
  • i love seeing a good hot looking man naked and hey i got kids so it would be a bad thing for me to do. bring on the sexy naked guys and send them with a hard on to me room please.
  • I love naked men. When I was with my baby daddy , after she went to bed we would sit around the house naked, we called it "naked friday"
  • I think that woman are WAY more self concious about their body/appearance, especially when nude. Men are much more visual, and (IMHO) have a much greater preference to view the naked body, as compared to women, who I think, usually prefer that a little something be left to the imagination. Finally, I think that men probably don't consider that fact that, the genital area, especially during certain activities/body positions/view perspective, is really not all that attractive. In fact, you come up behind a man bent over in the buff, don't be afraid of that nasty looking billy goat thing, it would be his balls! lol. I think always want to look their best, and they typically don't feel that full on nudity is the most flattering way of presenting themselves, at least that is how I typically feel.
  • I am female and really enjoy being naked. My boyfriend frequently has to remind me that the curtains are open and they neighbors may see me. My boyfriend is much more self conscious about his physical appearance. Neither of us is in great shape, I am just more comfortable with my body than he is.
  • I clean house naked. I'm naked every chance I get (as long as the kids aren't home) But my hubby is the one who will not walk around naked. He won't even sleep naked. I don't understand why...
  • You say just married. Didn't you two discuss your differences before you got married? Just because you like to run around nude...does not mean she would feel the same. Boy I hope you guys talked about more important things money, kids, religion, in-laws, etc.
  • The question made me laugh aloud!! Come to my house if you want!!! All women have different preferences concerning the male genitals
  • She may be afraid that you will come off of the top of the couch sideways, hit her with a super suplex, and then throw her into a scissor lock until she surrenders. (It's even better if you wear the mask) She knows that if she's not naked, you'll behave until she's ready.
  • I'm not a big fan of naked men nor of running around naked for either sex. Naked women, however, are beautiful. :)
  • There are a lot of reasons she may not be joining in on the fun. I know it really isn't comfortable for me unless it is really hot, then I love to strip down. But, it's usually too drafty in my house to walk around nekkid. lol :) Also, as said by PP that women are more likely to feel self conscious about their bodies. I know that I like to wear sexy lingerie around the house but, I prefer not to be fully nude. It just feels sloppy. As a lot of women,I feel less than perfect. A push up bra and a cute thong make me feel more confident. So, for me that is comfortable. As for men being naked, I think a skin tight pair of boxer briefs are the sexiest thing ever! I like to incorporate their removal into foreplay with my hubby. I guess just some of the appeal is lost when a man is like "Here it is" and just walking around with it all hanging out,KWIM? But, something about a man walking around in tight underwear with all his goods on display gets me ready! lol! I think women like to have a fantasy and leaving something to be desired can go a long way.
  • i think every individual is different in their comfort level & desired time for nekidness. same goes for how they feel about seeing others in their birthday suits. (: personally, i am not too into nekid lounging when it isn't warm weather, but it is nice to sleep that way...
  • Well for me personally depends on how cold it is.
  • I had a similar situation happen to me yesterday. Except I live with my parents and my 27 y/o sister. Let's just say the my sister has taken to walking around the house nekkid! With me and my parents home!!! I guess my answer to your question is that some females could care less who see's them nekkid. Other women would rather be shot in front of a firing squad than run around the house nekkid (I would be one of them). Maybe the longer you are married, the more comfortable she'll feel with runnin around nakkid with you.
  • I'd be comfortable with my husband. Hey, sounds like fun to me!
  • Not any more.
  • I prefer being around people that are clothed, and am not too fond of being naked. I don't mind it if I'm alone, though! :P Just let her be herself. She's uncomfortable being naked, so don't make her be. She's not you. She's her and will always be her. Maybe, eventually, she will surprise you and let loose.
  • You say here that you are a newlywed and in another question say you are married for 9 years. If you are going to tell baloney, at least get your story straight.
  • I don't really care what my husband wears, if anything. I tend not to go naked myself though, because I get cold too easily. If the A/C is broken in the summer, you won't have any trouble getting my clothes off though!
  • It is personal choice. Your choice isn't her choice. Some women are more comfortable naked than others. Remember most women are conditioned to be more sensitive of their appearence then men. Just be yourself and maybe she will relax and join in. If not, surely it isn't the end of the world.
  • Um I prefer my husband clothed unless we are busy if you catch my drift. A mans body just isn't a turn on to me especially from the waist to the knees SORRY! Not to mention If my husband was naked all the time I would be worried about skid marks on my furniture.
  • Could it be because of the snow outside?
  • I think it's great that u are doing that but for ur wife not to join is weird... i always cook naked with my me just try to do it slowley with her admire her body no matter how she looks like.
  • Well ur answer is in the question. you were just recently married. Give it a few years and she wont even shut the door when she goes to the bathroom, lol.

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