• Oh do I! It's depressing to think about...
  • Thwy will never be paid off. I have been paying for 10 yrs and i still owe $13,000. a nd it seems to never budge off that number.
  • Yes, a whole lot! After being able to defer no longer... I went back to school. I got a letter saying that I would not have to pay until 2011. The interest rate is so low anyway, that paying it is not a priority. I've got bigger fish to fry. I'll get it paid off sooner or later... well actually more like later.
  • Nope. I am so thankful that i don't. I was able to pay most my way through school (i worked as an engineering inter making 20/hour while in school). I don't really see why people have such a hard time paying them back. My first job out of school pays 63K/year. Even if i had 80K in loans, i would be able to live comfortably and pay them off in like 3 years. Not to sure how people still have student loans after 10+ years. However, my view is a little skewed, though engineers make 60+K first year out, teachers and liberal arts majors can have real trouble making ends meet, its more like 25-35K, i couldn't even live on that, just my rent is more than half their salary.
  • More than I like to think about.
  • No, but is was no fun having them.
  • No but I only have an associate's at this point.
  • Yes, pleanty of them.
  • no, ive already paid thern off

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