• Generally a new designer bag can only be sold by authorized dealers. If you are buying a used bag, it may be authentic. But, if they are telling you it is new, it is either a knockoff (fake) or stolen. They may be "getting their hands on authentic bags" but they are not authorized retailers. In the manufacturer's mind they are counterfeiters or theives. If you go to the websites of various designer bag companies like Coach and Gucci, they will tell you that it is not authentic unless you buy it from one of their authorized dealers. I have a "Coach" bag I got on Canal Street in New York City and although it appears to be authentic, this style has never been made by Coach. It has an authenticity label inside and a Coach tag on the outside along with Coach material on the back, but it is a fake that I only paid $30 for. I bought it because I liked the look of it, not because I thought it was a real Coach.
  • The safest way to know you are getting an authentic bag Is either at A louis Vuitton Boutique Or On There are some great resellers out there ~ with close to new bags. Remember Louis vuitton never goes on sale. Definitely check out eluxury for prices. Also,, is a great place with many helpful people & lots of lists of legit resellers.
  • if it's a real LV you can try to burn it and it won't. Materials are unflammable ones, so that's a way to find it out, though it's not the safiest
  • Hi there, 1. Ask for the receipt, you will know where it is from. 2. Bring the bag to the boutique for vertification. By the way , I had brought a LV neverful bag , medium size from Paris LV boutique . My friend ask me to buy for her but I had brought the wrong size So now i am stuck with a LV bag. Anyone, interested to buy , I will sell at a lower price. Email me at or call me at 90676128. Thanks Cheers, Jane

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