• Flight, super-strength, super-speed, highly developed fighting skills, enhanced hearing, enhanced vision, animal empathy, regeneration, sisterhood with fire, high resistance to magic.
  • It seems to vary depending on the character writer. But pulling together all incarnations of Wonder Woman, she would have: - Vast superhuman strength, drawn from Gaea (earth), that would rival or even surpass Superman's strength - Superhuman speed that could break the sound barrier, which allows her to deflect or catch high-speed projectiles, and even avoid laser blasts - Flight (although at times has been defined as "wind-riding") - Super breath (that could possibly turn over a truck) - Various mental abilities (i.e. limited telekinesis and telepathy, image projection, mental communication with animals - Superhuman senses (hearing, vision, smell, etc.) - Microscopic vision, allowing her to see things as if under a microscope - Rapid regeneration, though maybe not as fast as Wolverine (of Marvel Comics) - Near invulnerability, allowing her to withstand extremes of temperatures, both hot and cold - Ability to perfectly imitate anyone's voice, as well as ventriloquism - Various pressure-point skills that can relieve pain OR induce unconciousness and/or paralysis - Adoptive muscle memory (allowing her to perform any skill she sees... and sometimes not just physical skills, as she proved by astrally projecting herself onto Andros' ship after seeing him do it... with the aid of Andros' amulet, but an ordinary human wouldn't have been able to)- Can produce a sonic blast (by slamming her bracelets together) - Immortality (though not a power, but her nature as an Amazon... note that this "immortality" does not apply to an inflicted death, but she will not die of old-age, as none of her Amazons would) - I'm sure there are more that she will yet discover
  • In Lynda Carter's case, her breasts.

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