• probably that I don't get to have any fun
  • People think that we do crazy things like sacrifice goats on altars and stuff...basically that we worship Satan. I've also had people tell me - tell ME - that I'm an idol worshipper. Oh well, I suppose I was asking for it.
  • anyone i have met doesn't really know much, if anything, about the religion i follow
  • That we think everyone should agree with it and we all go around trying to convert everyone. (Actually I have a RELIGION exactly..I am sort of a lapsed Baptist).
  • That we're all doctors, and we're superstitious.
  • That we worship the devil. I am Wiccan.
  • Darn it, comments don't work - so Talim, what religion are you? Just curious. I have no religion - I'm an atheist. Most common misconception there is that I deliberately became an atheist to reject god so I could live an immoral life - sleeping with anyone, murdering whom I pleased, cheating, lying and stealing at will etc. I hate that implication - have very little patience with it and worry about the psycho's in church who are only holding back because they fear the Big Sky Daddy calling them Naughty...
  • That we're bad, Satan-worshiping people.
  • That we worship Mary (I'm Catholic). FYI, we don't worship Mary, we honor Mary as the Mother of God, and we pray and ask her to intercede for us, but we don't worship her.
  • That you can save you self by being “good".
  • That we worship Satan, we hate god, we sacrifice virgins, eat children and kill black cats for rituals. We ride brooms, are ugly with big warts on our noses and we cast spells to force other mortals do do evil things. That we have relations with Satan himself. Also, that we are all just a bunch of hippies and eco-maniacs believing what we do, because others think it's cool. We all wear oils and do not bathe and are all naturalist vegetarians. There are lots! I'm a Pagan-witch
  • that it teaches truth! religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by government as useful. man is highly driven by ego, measuring ones self by status, money, material possessions. this is also true for religion. religion is man made and there for subject to manipulation, like man does with every other thing. Besides if we knew there to be a religion out of the thousands that exist that there was one that was absolute fact, there would be one universal religion and know one would fight in the name of. I communicate with 'GOD', the universe...divine energy(what eva you wanna call it)every day. not by speech, or prayer, but by seeing the gifts we have all around us. with every tree, flower exc there is a gift of life. when i respond with pleasurable feeling by seeing, feeling or smelling a flower i am responding back....thank you. be open to every thing. free yourself from atachement. discover your oun philosophies. This will provide you with true knowledge. good luck during your journey! im not a hippy!!!!
  • ... that Buddha was a fat man ...
  • That all priests are child molesters.
  • That we are naturally good golfers.
  • That we are teaching the truth, and that we're intolerant of everyone else's beliefs. I'm an atheist and a scientist. We're not looking for truth, we're enriching ourselves with worldly knowledge and wisdom. I like what Juan said in Lillies of the Field: "To me, life is here on this earth. I cannot see further, so I cannot believe further."
  • That Christianity is fundamentally about doing good things or that to get to heaven, you must do good things/"earn" your way up.
  • That were all sweater-vest wearing, crazzies.
  • Oh, man, so many! But the first and most important would be the idea of an invisible dude up in the sky with a book with ten things in it who watch people all the time to see if they screw up so that he can then send them to hell

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