• Stereo speakers break up layers of sound into parts and the parts are sent through different speakers. Mono sents the whole sound together through speakers. Stereo allows the possibility of breaking the recording into tracks and sending different tracts through different speakers at the same time.
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  • 'Stereo' simply means there are a left and right speaker each playing one side of a stereo image (The signal is sepatate 'L and 'R 'tracks' combined to play together). Any one speaker is mono playback. If a left and right speaker are playing exactly the same signal this is also mono.
  • stereo is sounds divided into multiple speakers.mono is all that noise on one speaker.
  • Its not the speakers, its the way the songs were recorded in the studio. Stereo music use to be the happening thing. now, music recorded in the studio, has gone back to mono. The difference? in mono, all the same music comes out of all the speakers at the same time and level. in stereo in the recording studio, the instruments are separate by the engineer, so you would hear only the bass on the left side and the drums on the other side, for example. Speakers can only reproduce what signals are sent to them. It all takes place in the studio, not in the speakers.
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