• It should last you a long time if you aren't careless with it. Some people have problems with it, but I haven't had any so far. (I've owned it since it first came out) And YES, I suggest you buy a memory stick with A LOT of memory. You don't have to, but without it you're not going to have much fun because... -You need pretty good memory to be able to view sites online -You will only be able to put a few songs on your PSP (I'd say about 5 the most) -You wont be able to download much games -Not too many pics will fit Honestly, I kind of regret buying my PSP, but w/e floats your boat : ) I'm still a Sony fan though ; )
  • IT IS A BLACK 1G PSP GOING FOR £110 PLUS ACSESORIES WHICH INCLUDES: 1 PAIR OF HEADPHONES CHARGER MEMORY CARD CASE EXTRA BATTERY LIFE This item needs to be sold despratly before the 17th of august for holiday money. The 4 games that come with it is Grand theft auto liberty city fifa 07 moto Gp Monster hunter freedom 2 for more details contact my email address

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