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  • Fat breasts are disgusting in my personal opinion. B's are the perfect breast size to any fit woman. My friends and I have discussed this topic thoroughly and we all agreed.
  • Just as a side note there are some people who like bigger girls too (big in other areas besides or in addition to the breasts).
  • I prefer shapely firm breasts to fat ones any time. THere are some fun "big breast" activities though. I think BIG gets noticed more, but shapely is also appreciated.
  • I have DD breast and Mine are not dimply or Stretch Marked.
  • it's part of biology. It's a naturtal attraction. Try watching this show called "The Anatomy of Sex" All 6 parts are on youtube. It expains why men are attracted to boobs, hips, etc. It's very educational
  • I have always found that girls with big breasts are more freaky in the sack. Thats my main attraction to them...but also it is nice to grab and jiggle and suck on some nice big breasts too.

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