• No, since your Itrip operates on a FM frequency. But you can still hook your Ipod up to your car speakers. Personally I use the Kenwood IP-500. It charges my Ipod, displays Ipod info on my Kenwood head unit and plays audio through the speakers DIGITALLY. Since I doubt you have a setup like mine, what you can do is. Look in the back of your head unit. There might be a chance it has a AUX input with RCA hookups. Now, go to Radioshack and buy a 1/8 - Stereo RCA cable. It'll run you like 10 bucks MAX. Hook up the RCA to the AUX inputs on the back of the stereo and the 1/8 plug into your Ipod. Turn on your stereo and turn it to the AUX source and let the tunes begin. You should now have great audio that is static-free. To anyone who doubts the information above (and leaves bad ratings): I suggest you look up the IP-500 before you rate or respond. It does not plug into the headphone jack as you may think. The connection is made at the botton where you normally charge the Ipod. The benefit of the IP-500 is that it can charge and play audio from the same plug. So yes, the audio is DIGITAL For more information:

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