• Yes. It's hard to tell the difference, but fashionable is the more positive term. Trendy is a bit of an insult where I come from.
  • I think fashionable assumes that you know what is trendy. Trendy tends to imply a more short term outlook on fashion while fahsionable looks at what is both historically acceptable and what is "now".
  • Isn't 'fahionable' when you sort of follow the latest fashion, but 'trendy' is when you start one? I get so confused when I miss E News....
  • Fashionable is more long term. Trendy is right now, usually for a short time only and often involves things that are not long lasting for a reason, meaning they are often too extreme or particular. Fashionable can last for years, even decades and will make comebacks with a twist or update.
  • Trendy doesn't stick around because it's the extreme of being fashionable. Fashionable is your look with a nod to the current trends. EX: Animal prints are hot and you get a nice Dooney giraffe patterned bag. Trendy is the extreme version that brings in the fashion. EX: Animal prints are hot so you wear head to toe dalmation print (haha).

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