• You owe income tax where you work... but when it comes to house and land its where you live. I hope this helps.
  • You should not be subject to NJ State income tax unless you actually physically work in NJ. Your payroll taxes should be based upon not only the state you reside in but the state you physically work in unless they have a law that exempts non residents from being taxed.
  • I live in NJ, work in NY and my company is based out of Philly... welcome to my life.
  • Thanks for your quick response. But I forgot to mention that I live and work in Maryland for a client of my employer. So it's a little confusing to me that they would file NJ taxes.
  • It must be different in different states. I used to work in NJ for a company based in FL, and lived in Delaware. I had NJ and DE taxes taken out in my checks, but when I filed I received all the NJ tax money back.
  • Call the New Jersey Tax Hotline (609-588- 2200). NJ has a reciprocal agreement to exclude taxing PA residents who work in NJ, but MD is not mentioned.
  • maybe you should ask your employer that question

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