• It was quite a fun game, but it's replay value is not that great. Once you do all the side quests and such, the only thing left to do is kill all the people in the world(which i enjoyed). all in all a fun game, just wish there was a multiplayer component.
  • lol it was a fantastic game!! not only is there a story line, there are many side quests and even 2 expansion packs :-þ
  • amazing game it has hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • onlivion is still the best game out there
  • This game was great! I love playing it and exploring the many possible outcomes of my characters. The expansion packs made it even better once you got tired of doing the same quests over and over again, and mods make the game fun too! And just goofing off and having bar fights (mod) or killing every guard/towns person in sight isn't so bad either. All in all I'd say it was a greatly satisfying game. ^^
  • Fun, because it have great story line and great quests, only problrm was, there is no multiplayer
  • it was really fun out of all the games ive played it is at least way up there in the top 3 best games. but once youve completed all quests it gets boring, and youll find yourself starting new games, which is fun. this is the only game that ive played over more than like 5-10 times!

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