• Why do you lot keep knocking my door when I finish work and need to chillax ?
  • I think Perryman is probably best known in that department. There are a number of JW's here.
  • I am not Jehovahs Witness but encountered many of them in my life especially growing up where their worldwide headquarters is. I like the Jehovah's witnesses did do my fair share of door knocking as a missionary for my church many many years ago. The missionaries of my church are usually easily identifable they all wear white shirs and ties and black name badges with the title Elder before their last names and most of them ride around on bikes.
  • I was born into it but quickly got out as soon as I realized it was total BS.
  • I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Not me, I have better sense than that.
  • I am and proud of it!
  • I am one too, aged 21 I am an ordinary publisher though I have started 2 bible studies I was baptised in 2007 but have been going to the meetings since I was very young
  • I grew up all my life as a Jehovahs wittness, my father was an elder. I do have issues with it, Although not on the theology just the man made interpretation. My father still bring my mags and they are very informative. My father is still going strong and is a dedicated wittness and i so admire his strength of belief. The family i had as a child (extended) will always be close to me and although we have went seperate ways keep intouch every week, they are truely my best friends and we do seem to have a stronger bond. Although i have had problems along the way i feel that It shaped fully who i am today. I went through a long period of guilt for everything that i done in my life after i left and it made me look really long and hard, I am not one who has left and feels i made the wrong desiton although it pains me to say it their are way to many human flaws in anything that professes to be the truth!! I dont believe that god, or Jehovah could ever judge me as a bad person. Anyway its a whole big issue that could go on for ever!! i have the utmost Respect to all who dedicate themselves to their beliefes. heather
  • see you in paradise my friend!
  • I am a very dedicated Witness!! Nice to meet you!!
  • I'm Jehovah Witness as well! It's great religion (start this religion- following this path) Because my late grandmother was Jehovah Witness. I want to make her own proud in every way!

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