• there isnt alot you can do for a chest cold. you can take otc things to relieve symptoms...but that wont make it go away any faster. if you want to make it go away faster there are a couple of teas(they are brand name "traditional medicinals" 'breathe easy' formula for congestion and 'gypsy cold care') that you can drink that are very helpful..also you can take airborne(nighttime formula will help you sleep) to support your immune system. I find that these are the best way to deal with a cold without having the unwanted side effects of otc cold medicine.
  • I think that Airborne stuff works wonders! I hear it even works good for hangovers! :D I hope you feel better soon!
  • All good answers. I'd add that Vicks Vapo rub can help open the chest along with drinking lots of water. Keep warm. And don't stress out about it; that may further weaken your natural ability to fend it off. I hope you're feeling better already.
  • Well sipping apple cider vinegar (Organic u can find it at a naturopath store), along with putting vicks vapo rub on your chest and throat is a great start. Also Go with the herbal teas maybe like the ones mentioned above but add some cut up ginger and really let it steep till it turns brown that will cut right through your phlegm. Garlic is good as well i boil some cloves and eat it im not planning on kissing anyone anyways while im bed ridden :)I put Vicks Vapo rub on my chest boil water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and hone and put a towel on my head and breath that steam deep in it really works wonders fast. Dont forget To prevent all of these things u might want to look into immune boosting vitamins, C being at the top of the list with b6, b12, a, d, e and zinc all following close behind. U should be able to get all of these from six servings of fruits and veggies a day but thats not always easy in this fast paced world so do ur best and supplement in. Good luck.
  • Musinex gets rid of all the phlegm!

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