• I wouldn't say he is evil, but he is most certainly dumb and he places more importance on his personal agenda than what's best for the country and people. I guess that would make him selfish and insensitive.
  • He is definitely not dumb. He is fixated on his religous beliefs--he has allowed them to shape his view of how he should act as president. He seems to be insensitive to more than one half of the U.S. population. He is arrogant when he discounts other viewpoints. But, he is definitely not dumb.
  • At least he reads his Bible. You should too. Whether he understands what he reads is another question. Read your Bible. Sally
  • Not dumb. Smart like a fox. Shifty. When you get close to him hold on to your wallet. The man for smaller government, compassionate Republicanism has given our selves and our grandchildren debts that will crush them. In Biblical talk, "unto the generations." He is a hypocrite and is blind to human suffereing here at home or in the rest of the world.
  • all the above!!
  • Doesn't anyone have something good to say about our President?
  • He's just a pawn in Unification. We've all proven quite nicely that he does make for a good distraction.
  • all of the above[;
  • He's just a typical politician who listens to those that can line his pockets rather than doing what is best for the country.
  • All of the above. I can't wait until next november when he gets replaced!
  • Sure say what you will about Dubbya, and even I, a Conservative, will admit there are some, um, issues, with this administration, but I have this reoccuring nightmare about Al Gore winning the 2000 election, and the horror that ensued. I literally wake up sweaty and in terror. And I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton is the Anti-Christ. I think I saw her head spin all the way around on C-SPAN once. Let's face it-you name me a truly noble politician, and I'll show you a bridge I can sell you. No such animal, I think. All we can hope for is one that promises to push the agenda we put the most stock in. And besides, I think Laura Bush is very elegant and classy. So there. :)
  • Is Bush dumb, insensitive, evil? No but, oh, yeah, it would have been terrible if Al Gore become President after the 2000 election. Let's see, we would have been seven years into a decent energy policy, we would have saved what looks to be a trillion dollars in war and ancillary war costs, we would have saved almost 4000 American lives and no one knows how many Iraqi lives, we would not have become a recruiting auxiliary for Al-Caida, the national debt would not have exploded leading us to the coming inflation,the National Guard would have been at home to help with floods, forest fires and Katrina, the government would not have increased in size, ...fill in what i have left out.
  • It's a tough question -- I'm inclined to think he is equal parts of all the above, but then again, evil generally requires intelligence to continue fueling it, so given the choice, I'd say he is a dumb guy with power, and that makes him dangerous.
  • No, he has his faults, but he is none of those things.
  • you know what? that word is used so often these days in nonreligious contexts that I didn't even think about it. I heard someone on TV use "blasphemous" to describe a particularly avante-garde art movement: no religious inference could be made. IT IS JUST A WORD
  • I know this is not exactly answering the question, but I get soooo tired of people {{{STILL}}} putting Bill Clinton down! Fuhrer Bush has been in power for nearly eight years now! GET OVER IT!
  • More of the former and less of the latter.
  • All of the above!
  • I'n not sure that he is any of these. He is just not in tune with what this country needs. 11 more months and we can fix that.
  • honestly, I'd have to answer "all of the above"

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