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  • it depends.....don't try water or anything with bleach additives google: urineluck (it's synthetic urine...pretty cool and it works!)
  • because i'm going to buy a detox drink, but i'm afraid that they'll be able to see that i took it in the screening, which will result in a automatic positive
  • Yes, but you can correct the problem. Detox products cause your urine to become very diluted. Normal vitamin levels will be lower if you have used one, and that is an automatic red flag for them. To avoid this, buy a bottle of flinstones kids chewables. They have to be chewable kids vitamins like that, and not capsules, so it will very rapidly hit your bloodstream, and then your urine. Eat about 4 flinstones about 20 minutes after your inital use of your detox product. Make sure you have at least an hour until your test.
  • ok, well i had been clean for about 5 weeks, then about 10 days ago i took 5 hits of a joint. i've been drinking lots of water, and my urine is pretty much transparent. should i still get the detox drink?

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