• My choice was the laptop, because I can take it everywhere with me. When I go on trips, I can even use it at gas and food stops, and I can take it out by the pool, or use it in the kitchen. I don't play any games, or such, just internet, email, and such.
  • A laptop. It's portable.
  • well I favor lap tops......
  • I would only purchase a laptop if it was absoultely necessary for my to carry arround a computer. Any time you carry arround a laptop there is a risk of dropping it, forgetting it, getting it stolen ect. If you are just a casual user I would stick to a desktop which are also cheaper btw.
  • if you don't need to carry it around and have space for it then get a desktop, for the same money you get twice or three times the performance (or for the same performance you pay three times less money). I have many desktops for every day use and just one laptop that used to be useful when at the seaside and on trips but now I do all that stuff with the mobile phone.
  • I prefer my laptop. I can use it anywhere.
  • I would prefer the one that took up the least space.
  • I have 3 desktops so I would take the laptop.
  • HAL2000
  • Thanks for all the answers. I have debated this question myself at times.
  • If you don't need to travel with it get a desktop, bigger screen, better keyboard and mouse, and more value for your $
  • I suggest getting yourself a basic laptop; if you ate just going to use it forthe simple things that you said on here, and you don't need the fancy or tweaked-out high-end computer, you should be able to find a nice simple laptop for $400 or $500, maybe little less. With a laptop, let's say that you wanted to jsut go for coffee or something, and you also had something you wanted to search for or a letter to type; you could take your laptop with you; almost all cofee shops and most restaurants now have free internet. You could even just go to relax, sit back, dink coffee or your favorite beverage, and get on your laptop to play a game or whaever.. Hey, thinking about this even sounds like fun to me; think i'll go grab my keys, get my wallet and my own laptop, and head to Starbucks. Catcha later!!

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