• wipe the tears away, then face up to the sky! hope that works for ya!
  • Depending on the 'type' of tear, (meaning heart-broken, physical pain, eye-irritant, joy, or misc.,) stopping yourself from crying is tough. The best way is to completely change your way of thought or mental start thinking of a math problem. I'm not joking...maybe not math, but something that gets your mind out of that depressive sate and into a problem-solving era. You'll find no luck trying to stop yourself from crying over an eye-irritant, (if I spelt that right), or broken-heart. There's always ways to overcome anything that applies to one of the human-ologies...the problem with crying is it can be an act of more than one. If the concern is ruining makeup, you can only buy water-proof stuff and hope nothing bad happens.

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