• Yes and yes. While most people might be politically apathetic, I am certainly not.
  • Talking politics makes me feel like my intestines are lined with sandpaper. There's a reason they call it a "secret ballot."
  • Yes and a lot of fun it is too!
  • Absolutely. I have gotten a lot of good tips from friends and family about different political views, even the ones I disagree with. My Father-In-Law has the strangest views I ever heard, yet I can learn from him. The trick is to accept other views, no matter how wrong, as an insight into a different way of thinking.
  • Yes I do. It often leads to very interesting discussions, many of my friends and family have similar viewpoints to mine, but some don't. There is enough mutual respect and maturity to discuss opposing viewpoints without getting nasty, but there are some fun debates sometimes :)
  • Most of my friends on all sides of the aisle are politically interesting and we talk politics a lot--but with my wife? Never! I can't take any chances on raising her ire. She's too good a cook.
  • Absolutely. I don't think I would be friends with someone who's not respectful enough to carry on a civil conversation about important issues!
  • With certain friends, and yes. Some of my friends are politically apathetic/ignorant but my family is far from it.
  • I shouldn't be answering my own question -- but in Cuba you would talk politics only in whispers and then only to a few people who you trusted with your life. - Here, I fight with anyone who is willing to put on the gloves with me, and afterwards we go out for a beer. - And believe me, with the macho Cuban man you can really get bloody--but then, there's that beer to share later...and more sometimes!
  • Well, There's three things you really shouldn't talk about with other people - Sex, Religion, and Politics. I'll talk about it with friends to an extent, I'll listen to what people have to say but I wont fight them about it. I'm open to talk to my family about it because most of them share the same views I have.
  • despite the fact that my family is very close we all share completely different views on politics, my friends on the other hand couldn't give a toss what happens within the government and sometimes i don't blame them.
  • Generally not with friends, relatives, and certainly not with coworkers. It's just too divisive and I have to live with them at least 8 hours a day. I consider politics and religion personal matters and would not discuss them on a date or at a dinner party. If either subject comes up (and they usually wull) I simply pass on it or leave the room. Ben
  • I really don't care much for political discussions. However, this year the upcoming Presidential election has my family split. Since I'm the only one (in my family)that believes in choosing by voting for the person I think will do the best job and not by voting by party, my siblings are all trying to convince me to vote for their preferred candidate. It's driving me crazy!
  • Yes I do and friends don't give me problems. My family man they have a fit. They act as if i'm the worst person on earth for having my own belifs. My DH and I both are on one side, while a lot in the family or on the other side. I say lets not talk about it if you can't handle a difference of opinion, but they keep going so sometimes it's not always best to talk with everyone because not everyone about it since apparently some people judge you harshly when you don't line up perfectly with what they believe in.
  • all the time but i actually know what im talking about
  • Yes and yes. Not so much lately with the election being over and all.
  • My parents havent known who the president was since Daddy Bush was in office, and my friends are who for whichever candidate is best for the military member

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